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GIA Certified Loose Diamonds

Before you buy any loose diamonds, you need to know that they are GIA certified - GIA is short for Gemological Institute of America.  They are a highly reputable non-profit (therefore the most reliable to have examined and valued a diamond based on its true value) organization.  If you buy a non-GIA diamond, you are risking the chance that your diamond isn't exactly what you paid for.  There are other organizations that do certification of diamonds but none are quite as respected as that of the GIA.

Use our loose diamond search to find your ideal cut Certified Loose Diamonds the one you love. Match your diamond to a setting to build Designer Diamond Rings in any style or design in gold and platinum.

Not only should you look for diamonds that are GIA certified, I would also urge you to only purchase diamonds that are not what is commonly called 'conflict diamonds'.  These diamonds are traded to support war and terrorism and often involve using child labor to mine the diamonds.  

Well cut diamonds are superb in their brilliance and sparkle.  Choose you favorite GIA certified loose diamonds from the various shapes below (you will need to click through to the merchant to see an image of the diamond) :










Click here to visit Mondera's diamond section and learn more about diamonds.


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